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To everyone who joins  new offers Second Life a collection of premade starter avatars to choose from. These avatars are build in the classic way with templates.

Well, using a starter avatar is like you had a plate on your car in real life telling everyone "I'm a very Beginner". A good reason to get rid of the starter avatar as soon as possible. But how? Read more here.

Anyway, this article talks about mesh bodies. You think, WTH are meshbodies? Let's first ask, what is mesh.

In short it's a certain method to construct items like clothes, furniture or other objects which can be used in Second Life. Also avatars and skins . Please read details about mesh here. Or if you don't plan to create mesh items in SL, just ignore it.

However, we will not write about mesh avatars, but about classic avatars with mesh bodies. What is the destinction between the two?

A mesh avatar is completely made of mesh from head to feet. By contrast one can imagine a mesh body as a kind of full body outfit or a second skin. In other words you wear the meshbody over your classic avatars body. The head will not be covered by it. So the result is a mix of mesh body and regular head. See the picture below how to use a mesh body.

How to use mesh bodies
It is easy to notice that the mesh body is much smoother and more detailed. Just check the hands and feets. And if anyone wants to know, a mesh body looks in sex actions much better than a classic one. lol You know that problem with stretchmarks in sitting and laying poses. With a mesh body you can forget them.

Well, apart from that who needs a mesh body? I think it's useful, if your avatar has a perfect styled head, but you are not happy with the body. Oh, to mentioned it you can use mesh bodies with your own shapes and also modify the shapes. As well the head. You can change the head the same way as you can with the classic avatar.

Head and body aren't matching? Mesh bodies come normally with a more or less comfortable HUD to fit this problem.

EVE, mesh body HUD

The downside it that there isn't a mesh body standard in Second Life. On the market you can find numerous systems. EVE, Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, TMP to name some etasblished ones. Each of these systems might be different in some aspects. However, I think they all offer demos.

A word about clothes which work with mesh bodies. Well, bad news: the old style layer clothes not. The reason is they get attached to your classic avatars surface under the alpha texture. So they are hidden. Though meanwhile more and more layer clothes are available with a so called appliers.This tool places the particular garment on the mesh body surface. Unfortunately each mesh body system uses it's own applier. Appliers don't work with layer clothes from your inventory.

What about mesh? Yes, normally mesh clothes work. I say normally because some merchants offer mesh bodies which work only with their own outfit creations. However, I use EVE for my test avatars. It works with all mesh clothes from the market.

A tip. Forget the alpha textures in the box. Take on the clothes and use the mesh body HUD options to blend body parts out which are looking through. Also here, try a Demo first, if possible. The HUDs aren't all the same.
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Second Life market place: Item not delivered? Don't blame the merchant.

Well, if you browse the Second Life market place you will notice many bad and angry reviews which blame the merchant, if a purchased item wasn't delivered.

That's amazing. As a market place customer everyone should know that the delivering and billing of purchased items is managed by Linden Lab alone. You think you click the pay buttom, then the merchant delivers what you ordered and takes your money? Nothing could be more wrong. Taking a break

At the moment you push the pay button Linden takes over. They deliver to you and they charge your account. From the money they subtract their fee and the rest of the purchase price they transfer to the particular merchant.

Logically Linden is the correct adress for complaints or - in some cases - the costumer himself. Not the merchant. Simply because he isn't involved in the transaction.

So what can you do, if a delivery failed? Well, the first step could be to take a look at the transaction history in your account. Is the deal listed there? Was the purchase price subtracted from your money?

If not, you can only wait what happens. How long? Usually items are delivered right after the payment in no time. But in some cases it can last up to half an hour or more. How long you will wait is your personal decision.

As alternative you could contact the particular merchant directly and buy the item from him/her rather than to risk a second failure on the market place.

The money was taken from your account, but no item arrived? The easiest thing you can do ist to claim for redelivery: contact the merchant dropping him a notecard explaining the matter, specifying the date and transaction number of your purchases as a proof. You could copy the entry in your transaction history. In the most cases the merchant will be happy to rel-deliver the item to you.

But note, if you can't prove your payment, it will be hard to convince a merchant. Even more, if he/her can't find any payment from you in his/her transaction history. You say why would a customer lie? Well, I learned from my own experiences that there are people outthere which use each lie and each trick no matter how dumb to pull merchants over the barrel. :P

If you have proof and a merchant doesn't response and if it's about a high amount of money, contact Linden support. Perhaps they help you. However, to complain about a loss of 10 L isn't worth the hassle.

A tip. Linden warns not to buy items on the market due times they perform maintainances or restarts. It is recommended to care these warnings to avoid bad surprises.

What about, if a customer ist offline. Will a purchased item still be delivered to his invetory? The answer is normally yes. I read some people stating that the delivery fails, when the receivers messages got cappend.
I doubt that. I think the notification about a delivery and the delivery itself are two separat actions. However, I can't answer this exactly. My personal messages aren't cappend.

Finally, you received a box, but it is empty or it includes some numbered objects? The reason might be that the items you purchased were illegal copies and Linden removed or replaced them with so called IP replacements because the copyright owner filed a successful DMCA complaint.
In that case your money is lost. Linden won't recompense you. And the merchant in question will be most likely gone with the wind.

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