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Good news for Firestorm users. Read more details below and get the questions answered you have perhaps.

Do I need this update at all?
Well, the update comes with some new features. They are interesting, but one can live without them. Howver, the update is also fixing numerous bugs of the previous version. I think that is reason enough to install the new.
See all changes and bug fixes here: Firestorm Release Notes
Photo CybergirlPhoto CybergirlWhere can I get the new version?
You can download it from the official Firestorm webseite. Download link Choose the version that fits with your operating system. 64bit or 32bit? That is for windows users only. If you have a 64bit windows installed, you can use both - the 32bit and the 64bit. If you have a 32bit windows installed you can use the 32 bit version only.
SL & OpenSim or SL only? OpenSim is another virtual world similar with Second Life. If you visit both worlds, SL and OpenSim, you need to install the SL & OpenSim viewer version.

How to install the Update?
First before your start it is very recommended that you back up your current settings. You can do that easily in your Firestorm window avatar menu > preferences > backup.
Clean install or basic install - what's the difference? Normally you can install the update right over the old version. All the settings of your old version will be used automatically in the new version also. That is a basic install.

In case the basic install failed or you notice that it doesn't work correctly a clean install may be neccessary. Read everything about a clean install here.
Note, after a clean install your viewer starts from zero with default settings. You can restore your previous settings by using the back up that you hopefully made. :)

Need help? No problem!
Firestorm offers support groups inworld in several languages. Read more here.
Visit also the Firestorm Wiki that is loaded with troubleshooting tips. Wiki here.
You want to report a bug or to suggest a new feature? Here is the right place.

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