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Verified your e-mail address already?

Recently Linden Lab introduced e-mail verification. In future when you sign up to Second Life, you will find a request in the registration form to verify your e-mail address. That's easy. Just click on the link, go to your e-mail, find the verification mail that Linden sent you. It includes another link. Just click it and your are normally done.

However, not only new users have to verify their e-mail. Existing residents have to do it also. Go to your Second Life account, find "change e-mail address" tab in the menu on the left, open the page und click the "verify" link nearby your current e-mail address. That is all. The link will now say "verified". You have to do it each time you change your e-mail address.

Why is it important to verify your e-mail at all? Well, Linden Lab is going to make changes soon to their service. One is that Second Life mails won't be send to unverified resident e-mail addresses no more. For example, if you are a market place merchant you won't receive informations about your sales, customer reviews or comments.
Check screen shot below. I verified my address already.

verify your e-mailverify your e-mail
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