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Right now the Firestorm servers may be still overloaded because too many users want to download the new Viewer version at the same time. However, if you don't want to wait until things go back to normal, below some links where you can download the new version also. For a regular installation download the .exe files please.

The mentioned mirror sites don't exist anymore. Download the new viewer version directly from the firestorm website. Click here to download.

If you want, learn more about the new version and Bento with this youtube video by Strawberry Singh

click here for Strawberry Singh video

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I made some changes on the page layout and menu. The model albums are still there. Please touch the menu button "All Albums". Then you get a list with the model names. I also added two new albums.

One calls "Me - and my style!" This includes random shootings. The special thing is that the models followed their own ideas and choosed their look and outfits by themselves instead that I made suggestions. I just took care of the technic. I hope you like the idea. A random model picture of this album will be shown on top of the frontpage.

The second new album calls "Novices gone bad."' I will move all current novice pictures to this album and continue the theme. One more album is planed for IoAkira. Stay tuned. :) That's it for now. Perhaps I change more, but don't know yet. Model on the picture: Kamerina

Kamerina, Me - and my style
Category: Announcements

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